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About PatriXsmarT?

The world as we know it today is no longer analog in its operations, everything has gone digital including education and its related services. Therefore at PatriXsmarT we seek to offer digital solutions to the various problems facing the educational sector which is predominantly analog in Nigeria.

Using our online tutor platform, you’re able to access, assess and directly connect with a large pool of talented and trusted tutors who are tailored to meet the tutoring needs of your child or ward by just the click of a button. This eliminates the problems of paying large sums of money to tuition agencies who most often than not give “blanket” services to children in their class rather than child specific tutoring. It also saves you the trouble of inviting several strangers into your home just to find the right tutor for your child.

At PatriXsmarT, the identities of our tutors are verified, relevant documents collated for security purposes and their performance on each subject evaluated at intervals so you the parent and guardian can rest assured in the quality of service being given to your child/ward.

Our software and web solution services for schools and organization takes care of the data compilation needs of every department of the organization even to the very attendance and report sheets of students. We also provide web services that allows schools and organization maximum exposure on the World Wide Web.

We offer general ICT solutions to organizations including but not limited to Computer Lab installations, computer and other related hardware supplies and repairs, software installations, updates and internet service provision.

Our services includes:

  • Professional Specialized Trainings tailor made to meet organizational need.
  • Recruitment of Teachers for Schools using top notch recruitment techniques to attract the best talents.
  • Provision of ICT Solutions to Organizations.
  • We are an educational solution provider with its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

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